Vision, Mission Values

Our Vision
To have a transformed and thriving community where poverty is uncommon and unacceptable

Our Mission
To provide people with practical, emotional and financial support at their crisis points of need while also empowering them to tackle the underlying root causes of poverty

Our Values

  1. Worth – ALL people are welcome, are valuable and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect

  2. Hope – We believe that there is hope for the future for everyone, no matter how difficult the situation might appear

  3. Relationships – We believe individual growth and healing happen as we spend time with people who care about us

  4. Holistic Approach – We recognise and seek to meet the needs of the ‘whole’ person – financial, emotional, practical & spiritual – not just their presenting problem

  5. Empowerment – We encourage people to develop skills that equip them to meet their own needs and break the cycle of poverty and move from a place of dependence to independence

Vineyard Compassion’s values supports people in a process of transformation from dependence to independence. The different values build upon each other: you need worth, to have hope. You need hope to have meaningful relationships. You need relationships to deal with the range of complex issues in your life (holistic). You need a holistic solution to be fully empowered.

Core Themes

Vineyard Compassion offers its holistic support centred around 3 core themes:

  1. Provision: where we provide immediate financial, emotional or practical support at these crisis points of need. For example, the provision of food, clothing, emotional support or debt counselling where individual lack the resource to meet their own needs.

  2. Empowerment: where we empower people to tackle the underlying root causes of poverty. For example, teaching individuals budgeting skills so they don’t get into debt, building capacity within themselves to break the cycle of poverty and moving towards greater independence.

  3. Employment: where we support people on a journey towards employment that is fulfilling. We know that work is the best and fastest route out of poverty, not only providing financially, but it builds confidence and self-esteem, improves mental health and provides greater community.