We are honoured to work alongside many statutory agencies and community/voluntary organisations who work tirelessly towards the shared goal of tackling poverty. We not only receive referrals from these organisations but with confidence we signpost and refer clients to them to receive their specialist support. Collaboration and working in partnership are key values for Vineyard Compassion to ensure that clients receive the very best support (Causeway Family Support Hub, Food Poverty forum, Emotional Wellbeing Hub, Causeway Homelessness Group, etc.). We seek to avoid duplication in service provision where possible, and where gaps exist or current provision is unable to cope with demand, we look for ways to launch projects that meet genuine needs in a sustainable and effective way.

 Vineyard Compassion also seeks to indirectly support those in need by being an advocate in the public and political arena on various social issues prevalent in our community. We are part of various groups and committees that tackle Fuel Poverty, Food Poverty, Care for the Homeless, etc.